World Water Day 2013

Photo: cc: Michael Foley

World Water Day, March 22

2013 is the UN International Year of Water Cooperation. Water is a crucial factor in improving food security, health and nutrition and livelihoods. Water management can be challenging in any context and factors such as climate change, urbanization and a lack of both physical availability of the resource and equitable access often impact the world’s poorest. Water cooperation is necessary in order to not only conserve this resource  but also ensure that communities share resources rather that compete for them.

The CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems celebrates World Water Day 2013 together with its partners.

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Water is a source of cooperation not conflict by Terry Clayton

Examining the record, water seems to be more often used as a weapon of war or is a casualty of war or an excuse rather than the actual cause of conflict. What’s far more evident is transboundary cooperation over water.The Water Events database is just one of many resources you will find at the Oregon State University (OSU) website for their Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation.  Read more…

Cooperation by water users: does it really work? by Aditi Mukherji

This year’s theme, water cooperation, often evokes images of water treaties being signed between countries. Indeed a lot has been written about cooperation among countries in managing their shared water resources. Shared water resources and conflicts thereof have led some to conclude that ‘water wars’ are inevitable and a host of others to provide evidence that cooperation is more common than ordinarily imagined. Read more…

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IWMI celebrates World Water Day 2013: Helping Sri Lanka achieve water security. Read more here

Posters for dialogue, messages for cooperation. The CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food releases its new Water Dialogue Poster Series meant to stimulate dialogue and thinking on issues related to water, food and poverty. Happy World Water Day 2013. The posters are meant for students and teacher to inspire dialogue and discussion around the messages themselves.

Outcomes are nice, but what about measuring them? Alain Vidal, Director of the Challenge Program on Water and Food talks about what has been accomplished during the last ten years and how doing things differently is not as easy as it sounds.

Playing games to save water. Ruth Meinzen-Dick from IFPRI talks about a collaborative new project with the Foundation for Ecological Security in India and Universidad de los Andes in Colombia on an innovative use of experimental games to improve collective water management.

Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. In 2013, in reflection of the International Year of Water Cooperation, World Water Day is also dedicated to the theme of cooperation around water and is coordinated by UNESCO in collaboration with UNECE and UNDESA on behalf of UN-Water.

Water: Cooperation or Competition?

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