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WLE Annual Report 2012 now available

WLE faced two challenges when it began in February 2012. First, to clearly articulate its vision and what it was going to deliver. This is because it is dealing with ‘wicked problems’.

As shown in this report, WLE has progressed a great deal in articulating its vision and developing the operational foundations to make the program run. Second, WLE is a complex program with many parts. More than 160 projects were implemented in 2012. So, the challenge is bringing together these elements to ensure that the program is the sum of all of its parts and is effectively delivering on its potential.

In 2012, we have been examining these different projects, how they fit together, and how we can build upon lessons learned and experiences to ensure that we have a coherent program of research for development.

View the e-book of the 2012 WLE Annual report below.

Click here to download. To order hard copies of the 2012 WLE Annual report please contact Miuru Jayaweera at m.jayaweera(at)cgiar.org