WLE: Knowledge to outcome Opportunity Fund

Submit a short proposal focusing on the three main goals and messages of WLE, the activity clusters or the regional development processes to receive $5,000-$10,000 in opportunity funds.

Requirements are simple:
1. A short proposal (2 page max) should be written which includes:

a. a brief explanation of the activity and an explanation of how the activity will enhance WLE goals
b. a description who will be involved in the activity and what partners
c. a timeline or the date on which the activity will be held
d. the expected outputs and outcomes of the activity with delivery dates for outputs
e. short budget

2. Proposals should be no longer than 6 months in delivery

3. Support from SRP leader or Center science focal point

4. Reporting outputs: a short report on what was done and lessons learned. A story or blog piece from the activity that can be displayed on the WLE website or partner website (this could be the output itself if it is a product)

More information can be found here: Opportunity Fund

Previous completed projects:

1. A Photofilm on the Canete Basin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5XgY5ByjNQ&list=UUJjNSe5gMbJgdqSjzTRCpdw

2. Support to developing materials to different audiences on Benefit Sharing Mechanisms in the Andes (http://mcb.condesan.org/)

3. Developing a proof of concept on an ecosytems game http://ecosystemservicesgame.com/

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