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Pushing the Pump: Addressing Challenges to Technology Uptake in Burkina Faso

Photo: IWMI

A major new research report from AgWater Solutions, launched at the Stockholm World Water Week last month, highlighted the huge potential that small scale farm water innovations have to improve yields and incomes for poor farmers.  In Burkina Faso, one of the countries targeted by the researchers, treadle pumps were introduced as a low-cost tool for lifting water for irrigation.

Laurent Stravato works in Ougadougou for iDE, one of the organizations behind the report.  He believes the pumps can make a huge difference to farm incomes, but that their popularity led to some unexpected marketing challenges…

Laurent Stravato Interview Part 1

The lessons are clear, says Stravato.  When new technologies are introduced, careful attention needs to be paid to local marketing, rather than simply importing models wholesale from elsewhere…

Laurent Stravato Interview Part 2

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