CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE)

Uniting agriculture and nature for poverty reduction

Photo Credit: Faseeh Shams/IWMI.

WLE is a global research-for-development program working through partnerships to provide sustainable solutions for people and societies.

Our core partners are 11 CGIAR research centers and FAO.

WLE works to to ensure that agricultural intensification benefits smallholder farmer livelihoods, is sustainable and makes use of the services provided by ecosystems.

We aim to tackle key global challenges related to water scarcity, climate variability and environmental degradation and work from farm to landscape scale. [learn more]

Solutions and Tools

WLE co-designs evidence-based solutions and tools that help decision makers and investors achieve sustainable agricultural intensification, thus improving the livelihoods and incomes of millions of farmers while protecting the natural resources they depend on.

Research Highlights and Outcome Stories

WLE collaborates with diverse range of partners to implement more than 140 research projects across the developing world to prove that sustainable agricultural intensification is both economically viable and possible on a large scale. The stories below illustrate that if we approach agriculture differently, we can grow all the food we need, at a cost that all can afford, while protecting the environment.

Recent Stories

Thrive Blog

There is no magic bullet solution to solve the food and environmental challenges facing us. The Thrive blog provides a space where researchers, academics and development professionals can share their perspectives and ideas on natural resource management and agriculture development.

Upcoming Events

WLE aims to influence and contribute to the global agenda on agricultural development. Join us at upcoming events.

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