CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE)

Uniting agriculture and nature for poverty reduction

WLE is a global research-for-development program working through partnerships to provide sustainable solutions for people and societies.

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140 research projects in 48 countries carried out in collaboration with more than 450 partners


Evidence-based land and water management innovations for sustainable intensification of agriculture at scale


366,000 farmers use new technologies and 2,5 million hectares are under improved use or management




  • Laos' Nam Xong river (also spelled Nam Song).

    A clearer vision of Laos' Nam Xong

  • Political and community representatives from Myanmar talk to WLE 2016 Greater Mekong Forum participants

    Managing resources and mitigating conflict in Myanmar

  • China's "adaptive approach to dialogue" in the Mekong Region


  • Simulating current and future Volta Basin water development scenarios

    Sood, Aditya; Seidou, O.; Forkuor, G.; Annor, F. O.; McCartney, Matthew. 2016. Simulating current and future Volta Basin water development scenarios. In Williams, Timothy O.; Mul, Marloes L.; Biney, C. A.; Smakhtin, Vladimir (Eds.). The Volta River Basin: water for food, economic growth and environment. Oxon, UK: Routledge - Earthscan. pp.245-273.
  • Managing variability: floods and droughts

    Amarnath, Giriraj; Islam, A. K. M. S.; Shrestha, M. S. 2016. Managing variability: floods and droughts. In Bharati, Luna; Sharma, Bharat R.; Smakhtin, Vladimir (Eds.). The Ganges River Basin: status and challenges in water, environment and livelihoods. Oxon, UK: Routledge - Earthscan. pp.71-92. (Earthscan Series on Major River Basins of the World)