CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems - Plan of Work and Budget 2020

Our program-level ToC is reassessed annually to accurately reflect new information (e.g. new bilateral projects) and new understanding (e.g. of how WLE delivers outcomes and impacts). 2020 adjustments applied across WLE’s flagships (FPs) include: ● A focus on three ‘foundational’ impact pathways: (1) transdisciplinary innovation; (2) policy influence; (3) brokering practices and technologies and enhancing implementation capacity. ● Encouraging WLE interventions to address both equity and sustainability. ● Recognizing WLE’s role as producer of knowledge and ‘innovation broker’. ● Recognizing WLE’s role must be to identify and harness positive feedback loops to amplify change within complex systems. ● Actions to harness synergies between researchers and policy and development actors to carry out collaborative work.