Nathanial Matthews

Program Director, Global Resilience Partnership

nate_matthews (at)

Nathanial Matthews is a political and environmental scientist whose principal interests lie in understanding and mitigating the impacts of political and economic change on people and the environment in developing countries, especially concerning the interconnected challenges across water, energy and food.

As the Program Director of GRP, he provides oversight and leadership of the Programmatic Features and technical input into Challenge competitions. GRP’s technical work streams include i) Markets and Innovative Financing, ii) Technology and Infrastructure, iii) Policy and Influence.

From 2014-2016, Nate was the WLE Focal Region Coordinator where he managed more than 33 projects operating in four regions around the world: Ganges, Nile/East Africa, Greater Mekong and Volta/West Africa.

 He holds a PhD in Geography from King’s College in London, UK.


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