Approaches and instruments study

Credit: Noradoa / Shuttershock

Selecting the most effective approaches and instruments to invest in innovation in SAI (expected October 2021)

A range of approaches and financial instruments have been used to stimulate and support innovation in agriculture, and to resolve interlocking constraints to uptake at scale; for example, innovation platforms, results-based payments, value chain approaches, grants and prizes, incubators, participatory work with farmer networks and many more. There is now a global body of experience in this area, much of which has been documented. However, there are very few studies that critically compare different approaches, and there is little information available on how effective different approaches are at realizing the environmental, social, and economic objectives of sustainable agricultural intensification (SAI). CoSAI commissioned a study to fill this gap.

The study aims to:

  • Summarize the state of evidence on how well different investment approaches and instruments to innovation have worked in supporting the multiple objectives of SAI, also drawing on, to the extent possible, lessons from other sectors and the Global North.
  • Develop lessons and guidance based on this evidence to aid innovators and investors in making choices about funding approaches and instruments to support innovation in SAI for different contexts and objectives.

The study focuses on direct investment in innovation. It does not include the underlying investment needed for innovation systems to function well (e.g. education, science, infrastructure, business environment).