Context for CoSAI

More than 30 major reports on food, agriculture and the environment have been published in the past ten years. Before starting up, CoSAI reviewed the work of other international commissions, panels and initiatives, to see where CoSAI could best add value, and to avoid repeating the work of others.



CoSAI analyzed 93 initiatives currently working on issues related to sustainable agriculture in the Global South. The review found that the majority of initiatives (74%) have a global scope rather than a regional approach. Most of the initiatives focused on policy, finance or institutions, but a few of them tackled innovation in sustainable agriculture. Another result was the importance of including all aspects of sustainable agriculture – especially environmental and human considerations – to truly meet the challenges. 

* This analysis is based on the described goals, targets and scope of initiatives; the actual impact of the initiatives has not been measured by CoSAI.

You can download our spreadsheet with a full list of past reports and current initiatives. 

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