Our challenge

How can the Global South strengthen agricultural systems and accelerate agricultural production to deliver broad access to affordable, safe and nutritious foods, while at the same time protecting and improving natural ecosystems, and reducing poverty and inequality? 

Current technology, policies, institutions and financial instruments are not up to the job. Innovation will be critical to meet these challenges. But is the world investing in the right areas and approaches to innovation to make the massive changes that are needed? 

The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (CoSAI) is bringing together eminent Global South scientists, policymakers, farming experts and others to tackle challenging questions, collect evidence, and recommend priority areas and approaches to meet these global challenges. 

We are at a make or break moment for this planet. We need to produce more nutritious and healthy food, while at the same time reversing the environmental degradation, malnutrition and poverty that have resulted from business as usual.