Mapping Research on Small-Scale Farms

Credit: Creative Commons

A coverage analysis of research publications on small scale farming and post-production food systems in the Global South (expected October 2021)

CoSAI has engaged a team led by Jaron Porciello of Cornell University, former lead researcher of CERES2030, to undertake a study that aims to highlight major gaps and possible areas for investment in research and innovation for small-scale farms in the Global South. This will aid the prioritization and coordination of international funding and research efforts. It will provide an important piece of evidence feeding into CoSAI’s advocacy for more and better-targeted funding for innovation in SAI for the Global South, including the discourse on innovation around the UN Food Systems Summit and the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). Finally, the analysis will also provide the first step towards the establishment of a research map that could be a legacy product from CoSAI and Ceres2030.

The scope of the study includes publications on research and development conducted on small-scale farming and post-production food systems in the Global South, from 2000 to the present.    

The analysis will use artificial intelligence software originally developed for Ceres2030 and updated by the team for this new study, with validation by human research assistants.  This will be applied to more than one million citations from an existing database of agri-food research publications, including grey literature sources (developed for Ceres2030 and related projects), together with new searches of the CAB Abstracts database to update and gap fill.  

Emerging results are expected in September 2021, with the final report being published around November 2021.