CoSAI collaborates on Innovative Food System Solution portal

Shutterstock: New Africa

As the world looks to create future food systems, there is no doubt that innovation – in science and technology, policy, financing, institutional change and capacity building – will have a key role in achieving sustainable food and nutrition security for all. Yet there is a major investment gap for such innovations. The Innovative Food System Solution (IFSS) portal, launched on in May, provides a vital space for contributors to collaborate in conceptualizing and realizing innovative solutions for food systems challenges.

The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (CoSAI) has joined a partnership to support development of the portal, with CoSAI Commissioner Uduak Igbeka invited onto the Portal Advisory Committee to help navigate strategic decisions. Created in part as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IFSS portal builds on momentum leading up to the UN Food Systems Summit and related global initiatives this year.

Presenting CoSAI evidence

CoSAI’s research-based evidence aims to support much-needed investment in innovation for sustainable agricultural intensification in the Global South. CoSAI studies have provided insight into the current baseline of innovation investment and the innovation investment gap that needs to be filled to meet global health and climate goals. But how can we effectively fill this gap? 

CoSAI research will help to answer this question by evaluating new instruments and approaches to effectively invest in innovation; synthesizing lessons to support decision making on effective pathways to sustainably reach and maintain scale; and developing principles and metrics to guide investment in innovation. These tools will support decision makers in improving the impact of innovation investments in future food systems.

A database of innovations

CoSAI evidence will be an integral part of the IFSS portal. With over 100 innovative solutions already online, the portal presents a wealth of tools and resources that target the equitable improvement of nutrition while also restoring and protecting the environment. It is designed for ease of use, allowing users to easily find and contextualize information, and enabling evaluation of ‘good fit’ solutions to meet priorities in specific contexts worldwide. CoSAI’s research will contribute to these solutions by focusing on investment in innovation for sustainable agricultural intensification and other tools to ‘move to action’.

The portal is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, food producers, researchers, policymakers, businesses, students, NGOs, investors and others. It provides a space to share ideas, find funding tools and resources, identify high-potential investments, learn about upcoming events and opportunities, and build pathways to impact.

Explore the portal, contribute solutions and collaborate to achieve dietary and planetary health!