Neil Palmer/CIAT.

2017 Global Landscapes Forum

Bonn, Germany

The Global Landscape Forum (GLF) is a community of practice that works to discuss and address some of the complex ecological and social issues we face at the landscape scale. GLF starts with the assumption that sustainable landscapes are essential for the environmental and social future that we want, and is the world’s largest science-led platform on sustainable land use.

WLE and its partners have been involved in the GLF since its inception in 2013, and this year is no different.

In collaboration with IWMI and CIAT, WLE hosted a discussion forum at this year's GLF in Bonn that looks at land restoration efforts at the watershed level. With case studies from Nepal, Kenya and Ethiopia, the session looks at the strengths of these restoration efforts, and discuss with practitioners and next users the viability and scalability of these initiatives, as well as indicators of success. Watch a video of the event.

The discussion forum will be live streamed from the GLF website. Learn more about how you can attend online.

In addition, WLE and IWMI are collaborating with the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation and others on a course, titled Think Landscape. Participants of the course will look at landscapes, not only from a biophysical perspective, but also from an economic and a governance perspective. Luna Bharati of IWMI will be teaching part of the course on hydrology and water resources.