2021 Stockholm World Water Week

Digital event

World Water Week 2021 - Building Resilience Faster

The much awaited annual event is curated by SIWI and co-created with high-profile organizations hosting sessions on their areas of expertise. Participants will receive first-hand accounts and insights from actors all over the world, with a chance to follow new trends and events as they unfold. 

The programme will be released on 18th May with more than 300 sessions to choose from, focused on collaboration to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Topics that will be explored during World Water Week 2021

  • How has the global pandemic changed people’s perception of water, sanitation, and hygiene?
  • What has Covid-19 meant for gender equality?
  • How can smallholder farmers become more food secure?
  • What can business do to strengthen biodiversity?
  • How do countries develop water-related solutions ahead of the climate summit COP26?

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