Ian Taylor/CPWF Mekong

EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2018

The EAT Foundation was launched by the Stordalen Foundation, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and the Wellcome Trust in March 2016 with the aim of reforming global food systems to feed a growing global population with healthy food from a healthy planet. The 2018 EAT Stockholm Food Forum will bring together scientists, policy makers, and civil society organizations to consider and discuss solutions for achieving healthy and sustainable diets for a growing global population. 

Johan Rockström, chair of the WLE Steering Committee and Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, will be speaking during the opening plenary event in his role as the Chairman of the EAT Advisory Board.

WLE will host a session, titled:

Business Models From the Edge: Wealth From Wastewater, Salary From Sunbeams, Profits From Poop

June 11, 13:30-14:30, Quality Hotel Globe: The session will entail researchers pitching financially, environmentally and socially viable business models for food production, and discussing ways forward for investors, partners and participants.

WLE's Director Izabella Koziell will sit on a Disruptive Dialog panel:

Feeding the world with zero land expansion and marine degradation 

June 11, time TBA, Plenary stage, Annexet: The session features global thought leaders discussing how to feed a growing population without surpassing the planetary boundaries, managing our land and oceans differently - essentially halting land expansion for food. The current land must produce healthy, delicious food, and be the staging ground for environmental restoration.

The forum will be live-streamed from the EAT Forum's Facebook page. Join us for our session, as well as for the other exciting sessions in the program.