EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019


The EAT Stockholm Food Forum is open to specialists who are interested in transforming the global food system.  The 2019 forum, which will be held from June 12-13 at the Annexet and Quality Hotel Globe, will be informed by the findings of the report by the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health, published earlier this year.

WLE, IWMI and partners will contribute to a range of events at the forum, including an invitation-only breakfast:

Wake Up, Smell the Coffee!: Breakfast with Cracking (not Scrambled) Solutions for Feeding 10B!  

12 June 2019 Time: 7:00 - 8:30 a.m.

Jupiter Room, Quality Globe Hotel, Stockholm EAT Forum

To request invitation:

Invitees join WLE, IWMI and EAT for breakfast, discussion and some great coffee (direct from Ethiopia), as we welcome thinking and potential contributions to the launch of a new Commission on Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture!

Share ideas on how to sustainably intensify agriculture, as we explore what’s missing from the table. We will discuss how to plug the gaps with the best R&D – as we embark on a 18 month review of all the evidence we can find on what works.  

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<p>WLE EAT Breakfast Invitation</p>

CGIAR events include:

  • Putting biodiversity back into food: Managing risks in food systems using the Agrobiodiversity Index: Tue, 11 Jun, 900 -1230
  • Blue Food Assessment (BFA) Workshop - Putting aquatic production at the heart of global food systems: Tue, 11 Jun, 17-1930
  • Wake Up, Smell the Coffee! Breakfast with Cracking (not Scrambled) Solutions for Feeding 10B!: Wed, 12 Jun 700-830, Jupiter room
  • Setting a new global agricultural innovation agenda: consultation on the CGIAR 2030 plan: Thu, 13 June 700-830, Pluto room, 3F
  • The race to save each other: Biodiversity, humans and food: Thu 13 June, 1140-1220, Plenary
  • Road testing healthy diets: Perspectives from the Global South: Fri, 14 June, 1030-12, Pluto room, 3F


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