Ian Taylor/WLE Greater Mekong.

Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case

Royal Society, London

Achieving sustainably managed landscapes hinges on investments from the private sector. Yet, interest in investments exceeds availability of investable projects. At the same time, improving financial services at the landscape scale is key to ensuring that smallholders and ecosystems can benefit from investments in sustainable land use.

But, all too often, investors and companies face unclear tenure and government regulations, weak institutions, social risks, uncertain returns on investments and narrow deal pipelines that inhibit investments at scale. Such roadblocks hamper not only investments, but progress toward sustainability.

At the Global Landscapes Forum – The Investment Case, key experts from the financial services industry will connect with leaders from the corporate sector, senior government officials, project developers and scientists, to take investments in sustainable landscapes to the next level. WLE will participate to share knowledge and experiences, including on how research can help target, validate and measure investments in landscapes.

The Global Landscapes Forum – The Investment Case is an invitation-only event held on June 6 at the Royal Society, London. The 2016 gathering is the second of its kind and offers a unique platform for exploring the potential of private finance in enhancing livelihood, environment and food security benefits.