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Terraso – A powerful open source technology platform for supporting landscape management


About the presenters

Tech Matters

Tech Matters is a non-profit tech social enterprise, dedicated to unleashing the power of technology to meet today’s most pressing social needs. We are dedicated to building the Tech for Good Field through better use of software and data to greatly increase the effectiveness of the entire social sector. We help social change leaders understand what tech can and can’t do, and build the tech solutions behind solving a social problem. Our mission is to enable the social impact sector to do far more for the 95% of humanity who do not typically receive the benefits of technology.


Product Manager, Terraso

Derek Caelin is a technologist who has spent years training activists and civil society organizations in developing countries and conflict zones on how to use digital tools to communicate, mobilize and organize. Derek is particularly focused on creating, researching and sharing open source technology so that all people can benefit from free, collectively produced software. His writings on community-maintained software, games for social impact, privacy and the effect of tech platforms on society have been published in Foreign Policy and OneZero.

Program Manager, Terraso

Amaya is a tech-for-good geek with nearly a decade of experience. Prior to joining Tech Matters, Amaya worked at Benetech creating software-for-good as the project manager for their R&D initiative, and the community and marketing manager for their work on digital accessibility of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) educational materials. Amaya believes that there is little more rewarding than doing work which creates positive, sustainable impact. With degrees in anthropology, biology, and art, a career in tech may not have been the obvious choice, but she has found that her eclectic background lends itself particularly well to the tech-for-good field – especially when it comes to user-centric product design, research, and creative approaches to problem solving and strategy design.

About the webinar

Achieving landscape-wide change is accelerated by effective technological support. Join us to learn how Terraso – a digital platform supporting locally-led landscape collaborations – is working with community leaders worldwide. Terraso, which is being built by Tech Matters as part of the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative, is identifying the challenges that landscape leaders face across contexts. More importantly, Terraso is co-developing with them a toolbox that is relevant, fit to purpose, and enables effective landscape management.

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