WLE Key Events Calendar 2019


Every year WLE and partners run sessions, present research findings, share solutions, and connect with decision-makers at events around the globe. We also mark international days that promote sustainable, equitable solutions. The following is a selection of key events and days WLE plans to engage in during 2019. 


World Wetlands Day : Feb-2

International Day of Women and Girls in Science : Feb-11

13th International Conference on Development of Drylands : Feb-11 - Feb 14

CGIAR Antimicrobial resistance hub inauguration meeting : Feb-21 - Feb 22

5th Fecal Sludge Management Conference:: Feb-22


The World Conference on Waste Management (WCWM) : Mar-7 -Mar-8

International Women's Day : Mar-8

Water in the West Conference, Colorado : 13 Mar - Mar-14

3rd Agriculture and Climate Change conference : 24 Mar - 26-Mar

WASAG International Forum : Mar-19 - Mar-21

Chicago Council : Mar-20 - Mar-21

REACH Conference on Water Security : Mar-25 - Mar-27

NENA Land and Water Days : Mar-31 - Apr-4


Seeds of Change - CGIAR Gender Science meeting : Apr-2 - Apr-4

The Future of Food : Apr-8 - Apr-10

Water for Food Global Conference  : Apr-29 - Apr-30


World Agroforestry Congress : May-20 - May-22

SIDA Science Days CGIAR meeting : May-20 - May-22

International Day for Biological Diversity  : May-22


CGIAR Science Leaders : Jun-2 - Jun 6

World Environment Day : Jun-5 

EAT Forum : Jun-12 - Jun-13

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought : Jun-17

World Refugee Day : Jun-20


International Association of the Studies of the Commons (IASC) Conference : Jul-1 - Jul-4

27th IUGG General Assembly : Jul-9 - July 14


Water and Development Congress & Exhibition : Aug-4 - Aug-7

Eurosoil 2020 : Aug-24

Stockholm World Water Week : Aug-25 - Aug-30

Wageningen soil week : Aug-27 - Aug-30


3rd Water Irrigation Forum : Sep-1 - Sep-7

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)  COP14 : Sep-2 - Sep-13

Africa Green Revolution Forum AGRF : Sep-3 - Sep 6

Building a Resilient Future - Sep 22

Water Future conference : Sep-24 - Sep-27

Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) world conference : Sep 27


5th CSA conference: Transforming food systems under a changing climate : Oct-8 - Oct-10

International day of Rural Women : Oct-15

World Food Day : Oct-16

World Food Prize : Oct-16 - Oct-19

8th Africa Agriculture Science week and Fara general assembly : Oct-28 - Oct-31


World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC ) : Nov-5 - Nov-9


UN Climate COP25 : Dec-2 - Dec-13

IWA Water and Development Congress : Dec-1 - Dec-5

World Soil day : Dec-5

International Migrants Day : Dec-18


Details are subject to change. For information on WLE's participation, please email: a.hunt (at) cgiar.org