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World Water Day 2019

world water day 2019 


This World Water Day is dedicated to 'Leaving no one behind' - an acknowledgement of the important role water plays in ensuring that those most marginalized are included in steps forward. But how do we insure those once left behind are now included?


How to include those left behind

For more than a decade, we’ve known that when African farmers themselves invest in irrigation, their choice carries a lot of promise for improved productivity, incomes and nutrition. But there’s a problem: Only farmers who are already well off – typically younger men – are able to invest in and benefit from irrigation technologies. What about women and other less privileged farmers?

► Check out IWMI's Fair Water Futures campaign. WLE is supporting our host centre in this innovative participatory photography campaign brings us into the homes and onto the fields of local people.

► WLE supports participatory water governance. Learn about the impacts of one project (through our partner Bioversity International) in this new brief from UK DFID-ESRC: Communities Improve Water Management in Burkina Faso impact 

► Read more in the new Thrive blog on farmer-led irrigation 


Working towards a Fairer Future 

This World Water Day is dedicated to 'Leaving no one behind'  and WLE is working towards a Fairer Future, which means everyone is empowered to participate. It means women and other marginalized peoples reap their fair share of benefits. And water - fluidly interwoven into all aspects of society and nature - is an imperative lens and resource for our steps to inclusivity. 

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Fair Water Futures

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI), partner and leader of the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE), is engaged in a major effort to expose and explain the obstacles to socially just water management. In river basins across Asia and Africa, IWMI will share what inclusive water governance really looks like.  

 ► Learn more about the Fair Water Futures campaign