Georgina Smith/CIAT

Youth Engagement in Food System Transformation: Orientation & kickoff sessions

Zoom Webinars

Join the international Youth Exchange Network and meet other young people – students, entrepreneurs, activists, community organizers, researchers – from around the world who are interested and active in food systems issues.

This orientation is hosted by the Innovative Food Systems Solution (IFSS) Portal and Nutrition Connect (NC) and in support of the youth led initiatives, Act4Food / Act4Change and Fridays for Future. The focus is on strengthening networks, sharing knowledge, and building skills for actions for change in food systems around the world.


Registration link for Orientation Session 1

9am UK/Lagos / 10 am Amsterdam/Montpellier / 11am East Africa / 3pm Jakarta / 5pm Tokyo / 6 pm Canberra



Registration link for Orientation Session 2

10 am California / 12pm Mexico City/Lima / 1pm New York / 7pm CEST