IFPRI in Ethiopia: Achieving SDGs and green energy goals

WLE is sharing its knowledge on the interlinkages across SDGs and on energy policy in relation to agriculture at three events in Ethiopia this week. Claudia Ringler of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), who co-leads WLE’s Variability, Risks and Competing Uses (VRC) research theme, and Energy Systems Modeler Alam Mondal presented at:

  • Stakeholders Workshop on Alternative Pathways to Improve Electricity Access in Ethiopia: Nov 28
  • Training Workshop on Energy Model Options for Policy Planning: Nov 29
  • German-Ethiopian SDG Graduate School: Climate Change Effects on Food Security (CLIFOOD): Nov 20-29

IFPRI’s SDG interlinkages presentation focuses on the need to understand cross-SDG linkages to ensure that SDGs can be achieved most efficiently and effectively. The energy modeling capacity building workshop focuses on a meeting the Government of Ethiopia’s Green Growth goals on the energy side, an area of research under VRC.

VRC provides policy advice to governments and stakeholders on improved water resource infrastructure planning and management, to use resources more sustainably.