By 2022, WLE aims to achieve the following impacts: 

Degraded landscapes restored:

WLE aims to support more than 1.5 million farm households to restore more than 3 million ha of land, and sequester in soils an estimated 4 megatons of CO2 emissions per year.

Land and water solutions adopted and scaled:

WLE aims to foster more resilient, equitable and food-secure farming landscapes, benefiting 2 million households, as well as improving water use efficiency at scale, targeting a 5% increase in efficiency in irrigation.

 Sustainable rural-urban ecosystems:

WLE aims to increase water and nutrient-use efficiency on 4 million ha of urban and periurban lands, and improve nutrient- and wateruse efficiency on 3.6 million ha through resource recovery from food waste.

Resilience through policy and trade-off tools:

WLE co-develops and scales innovative policy mechanisms and institutional arrangements, aiming to benefit six million households by 2022

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WLE Phase 1 achievements