Impact assessments

WLE carries out impact assessments around criteria that include the scale of intervention, degree of innovation, strategic importance to the flagship or region, the availability of baselines and data (for ex-post or retrospective studies) and the global public good value (in terms of addressed evidence thin areas).

In the future, for ex post assessments, WLE is proposing to look at two major areas of work. One is the Ag-Water Solutions Project, which involved multiple partners to generate new insights and water management investment opportunities in Africa and Asia, particularly over the period 2009-12.

The other is the International Water Management Institute’s signature work on Asian large-scale irrigation, from 1984 to the present, where there has been a focus on improving the performance and management of Asia’s large-scale irrigation systems. This work continued under WLE, but no assessment has been made of the quality, influence and impact to date.

In addition, WLE plans to include elements of meta-synthesis in some of its studies that assess outcomes across projects to provide an understanding of the effectiveness (or otherwise) of different approaches to addressing key development themes within the program.