Ana Carolina Deveza

Ana Carolina Deveza is a Member of the Young Scientific Programme Committee of the World Water Week. She has experience in the water, waste, transportation and power sectors. She worked for more than four years as an environmental consultant for several countries in Latin America and currently works at OHCHR headquarters in Geneva. As a member of the Brazilian Youth Parliament for Water, she led the first three years of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize national contest. Ana believes in the potential of youth to generate concrete solutions to environmental challenges. Her current research interests are the water-energy-food nexus and Blockchain applications for SDGs. She is also into social entrepreneurship and the role of innovation for development.

Ana holds a BSc in Environmental Engineering and an MSc in Energy Planning (UFRJ- Brazil). Ana is currently a Master candidate in Public Policy focused on SDGs, a double degree between the universities of Tsinghua (China) and Geneva (Switzerland).

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