Daphne Stella Nansambu

Daphne Stella Nansambu is a versatile Statistician, researcher and entrepreneur with interest in data and information systems, environment, agriculture, climate change, energy, livelihoods, migration; youth - women -social development and empowerment. She has been involved in two phases of research with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) on water resource management in refugee settlements in West Nile and South West Uganda in 2017 and 2018. She is a co-founder of The BIG Water Platform (TBWP), a free online platform that enables the sharing of effective and proper water management practices and innovations and also the co-founder of Art 4 Collective Action (A4CA), a social venture that uses art to bring people together and mobilize collective action for social issues. She previously served as the Program Director of Tree Adoption Uganda and also participated in the 11th International Community Based Adaptation youth conference (CBA11) in 2017 and Global Landscapes Forum (GLF 2015), which was held alongside COP21 in Paris. She aims at reporting more than figures of what is and isn’t but going further to encourage action so as to ensure that the next figures reflect a better situation.

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