Marielle Dubbeling

Co-leader of the Rural-Urban Linkages Research Theme, WLE

m.dubbeling (at)

Marielle Dubbeling is the Director of the RUAF Foundation-Global Partnership on Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems based in The Netherlands. Marielle joined RUAF in 2004 and before that worked for 5 years as the Urban Agriculture Coordinator for the UN-Habitat/UNDP Urban Management Programme in Latin America.

Marielle’s work focusses on supporting cities and sub-national governments around the world in designing, implementing and monitoring multi-stakeholder urban and peri-urban agriculture and urban food systems projects, programmes and policies. Her work entails activities including action and policy-oriented research, policy advocacy and formulation, staff training, project formulation and monitoring, technical and methodological advice, knowledge management and documentation. Marielle and RUAF apply an integrated development approach to their work, linking urban agriculture and food system to other urban development sectors such as poverty alleviation, food security, local economic development, resource recycling, city region food system and rural-urban linkages and climate change adaptation.  She currently leads programmes on Assessment of city region food system, Urban food metrics, Market-oriented urban agriculture development, Urban food governance and Climate resilient urban agriculture and food systems.

Marielle has authored/co-authored a large number of articles, book chapters, reports, policy and practitioner briefs and educational and distance learning courses on her subjects of work. Learn more.