Innovative Risk Management Solutions for Floods and Drought to support national strategies for Disaster Risk Reduction in South Asia

The main aim of this project is to develop a framework to help institutions in South Asian countries reduce vulnerability and strengthen preparedness to droughts. The project will advance the existing prototype of drought forecasting and warning that includes the science of monitoring and forecasting and can provide information on how different groups can use the forecasts to support their decision-making. On the risk transfer solutions on flood insurance project we will investigate business models  and the establishment of an enabling institutional framework to contribute to development at meaningful scales. Further, the index insurance, will enable the poor to access financial tools for development, properly prepare for, and recover from flood disasters. Other activities include rapid emergency response mapping during major flood disasters to support disaster agencies in relief and impact assessment as well as a range of capacity building activities to brief national stakeholders and strengthen national strategies for Disaster Risk Reduction in South Asia.