New approaches to monitoring and managing floods and droughts in India

This project combines two W3 funding streams: i) Index Based Flood Insurance (IBFI) and post flood management in India, ICAR; and Integration of Drought Monitoring in Drought Management plans for selected states in India. IWMI has developed the South Asia Drought Monitoring System (SADMS) to provide information of drought severity situation, but still new technologies are required to enable early adaptation in agriculture to predict drought events for appropriate decisions. Drought forecasting system and climate change (CC) impact evaluation would support decision-making, and in addition, strategies to manage and strengthen agriculture-water management, which could mitigate drought risk. ICAR-IWMI collaboration on managing floods and drought will strengthen research, development and improvement of currently operational SADMS and IBFI programme. One of the major activities will be to validate the SADMS at diverse agro-bio-physical settings to evaluate and improve its monitoring capability. One of the key thrusts of this initiative is incorporating spatio-temporal drought information from SADMS into overall drought management and planning at selected validation districts scale. We will test the potential of SADMS to ensure seamless exchange of captured drought information to stakeholders at selected districts for development of disaster mitigation plans. Developing innovative technologies to mitigate flood damages to agriculture with application of post-flood management measures such as flood-resistant crop introduction and bio-drainage.