RRR Business Models

To recover nutrients, water, and energy from agro-industrial and domestic waste streams 150+ RRR success stories were analyzed across the globe, and the feasibility of the best RRR business models is being tested in four cities for their replicability at scale, while safeguarding public health and the environment. The donor is waiting for the results to invest in the implementation of two promising business models. Like other RRR projects also this one is about closing water and nutrient loops which support regulatory ESS, while preventing environmental pollution. The associated EU/IFAD funded project component will focus on i) the assessment of institutional, policy, regulatory and financial drivers in the successful implementation of various RRR businesses in the selected regions and ii) the assessment of the economic impact of selected RRR businesses in terms of waste reduction, health, gender, water productivity, ecosystem services, climate change and other relevant indicators. The project will also study on demand of FAO options for safe wastewater use which were not yet tested.