Water and irrigation in Central Asia (Bilateral activity cluster)

This project is comprised of six bilateral projects which are implemented by IWMI in Central Asia region.

1. Water management in Uzbekistan: This Programme is funded by the European Union in line with the wider framework of the EU bilateral MIP 2014-2020 for Uzbekistan. It pursues the overall objective to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth in the rural sector in Uzbekistan in the context of a changing climate. *ENDING IN 2019*

2. Tajikistan WUAs evaluation. Objectives are: I. econometrically evaluate impacts of WUAs interventions made by the USAID project II. To identify key factors that may compromise the ability of WUAs to successfully provide irrigation services over time. III. To understand cropping decisions on kitchen plots, and identify opportunities for and constraints in cultivation of key food crops, and improving crop diversity. IV. To identify opportunities for and challenges in accommodating the increasing roles of women in water management. *ENDING IN 2019*

3. iMoMo outscaling in Central Asia iMoMo - Innovative Technologies for Monitoring, Modeling and Managing Water) *ENDING IN 2019*

4. Reduce Water pollution and carbon: This research provides a first major attempt to integrate, quantify and analyze linkages between water, energy, food, climate and health while accounting for stakeholder perceptions and social challenges in rural settings through bottom-up, cross-border cooperation.

5. Monitoring and Controlling Groundwater Levels for Improved Agricultural Outcomes in the Uzbek Ferghana Valley, Central Asia;

6. Background study to inform structuring of potential EBRD technical engagement with the Government of Uzbekistan on water management issues.