Water Management Solutions for Flood Recession and Dry Season Farming in Nigeria

The goal of this project is to assist the Government of Nigeria to increase agricultural production and achieve food security through sustainable water management that allows smallholder farmers to profitably engage in flood recession and dry season agriculture while maintaining healthy flood-dependent agro-ecosystems. The project will establish fact-based evidence on historical and current flooding patterns and risks as a guide to decision making on flood response and water use. It will also identify flood capture and storage options for flood recession agriculture and dry season farming, and to support livelihoods dependent on floodplain ecosystems. The aim is to significantly improve production from flood recession agriculture, including ecosystems "friendly". Expected outputs include a) land and water management maps at river basin and state levels; b) tools to support flood forecasting and mitigation; c) AWM solutions and proven business models for investment in profitable and viable AWM solutions, including those that favour women and youths. These outputs will ultimately improve national food security and incomes of smallholder farmers while reducing agricultural production risks and protecting vital ecosystems.