in 2015 wle: field tested 62 technologies and natural resource management practices, helped 125,000 farmers to apply new technologies or management practices, supported improved technologies or management practices on 2.5 million hectares

Solutions for sustainable intensification of agriculture

In 2015 WLE: established 41 multi-stakeholder platforms and influenced 200 policy processes

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Practical approaches to regional problems

In 2015, WLE established a unique set of research for development projects to work on addressing local challenges to sustainable intensification and management of ecosystems in four regions: the Ganges; Greater Mekong; Nile-East Africa; and Volta-Niger. The 35 projects include more than 150 international, regional and local partners. The following stories highlight how we are tackling key regional challenges at river basin scale together with local stakeholders.

WLE in 2015 had 110,000 website visits and 43,000 views on CG-space and published 141 ISI publications and 94 open access publications

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