Hamish John Appleby/IWMI

Enhancing Sustainability Across Agricultural Systems

The greatest challenge to our food production systems in the coming forty years will be to feed a growing population while addressing critical threats to the environment. Producing more food will only be possible if ecosystems are protected. Functioning, healthy ecosystems provide a wide range of services—including water for irrigation and drinking, nutrients for soils, regulation of pests and diseases and many more that farmers and industries depend on. If such services are not considered and protected, efforts to increase agricultural productivity will fail.

 Pumps and sprinkler irrigation in Ghana
Pumps and sprinkler irrigation in Ghana.
Joe Ronzio/IWMI.

Enhancing Sustainability across Agricultural Systems supports development decisions and investments for more sustainable agricultural landscapes by developing user-friendly approaches and tools to assess and manage scale effects of agricultural interventions on selected Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets.

Communicating the importance of ecosystem services and demonstrating solutions that can support agricultural intensification while protecting the environment will be essential to alleviate poverty and achieve food security for millions of farmers.