Tools and approaches

  • Terrace system with seedling rice (lime green) and maize (darker green) above Khudi, Nepal.

    Catalogue of promising crop varieties of mountain agriculture

  • Kalahari, Namibia

    Soil Organic Carbon Baselines for Land Degradation Neutrality

  • Predicted soil macro-nutrient concentrations (0–30 cm) for Sub-Saharan Africa. All values are expressed in ppm

    Soil nutrient maps of Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Farmers group training on nursery management, South Sulawesi

    Soil-Plant Spectral Diagnostics Laboratory

  • Soil samples

    The Ethiopian Soil Information System (EthioSIS)

  • Soil Best Bets Compendium

  • Nam Gnouang dam in Laos

    Constructed wetlands in reservoirs

  • Protocol for reviving springs

  • Business models for recovering resources from waste