Protocol for reviving springs

The Protocol for Reviving Springs in the Hindu Kush Himalayas: A Practitioner’s Manual provides a step by step approach to implementing spring revival programs. Combined with classroom and field based training , this manual can equip a field level official to implement more effective and sustainable springwater management in partnership with local communities.

This protocol is useful and practical, because:

  • It incorporates both ‘hydrogeology’ and ‘socio-economic and governance’ issues to come up with a comprehensive understanding of springs and springsheds.
  • It combines aspects of research and knowledge generation as well as implementation. 
  • It is a relatively easy to adopt, making it useful to a diverse range of stakeholders – field implementers, grass root workers, NGOs and researchers.

This tool builds on a previous methodology, which was developed and has been applied in two locations in Nepal where water scarcity is acute.  The new protocol can be applied to more generic spring regeneration needs.

This tool is open access and available for use by governments, non-government organizations, researchers, communities, and others. It was developed by researchers from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, supported by the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems.