Douglas Varchol.

Working together for a better Kachin landscape

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In this episode of Thrive podcast, we head to Northern Myanmar where filmmaker Douglas Varchol reports from the field. Varchol joins a research team from the project on Working together for a better Kachin landscape.  

Varchol and Oliver Springate-Baginski, the lead on the project, visit Myitkyina, a city situated few miles south of the head waters of the Ayeyarwady River. The area is a site of rapid ecological change and development challenges, and where planning has been hampered by historical conflicts and fierce competition for resources. Given these realities, there is very little research that has been done in the region, but Oliver, in partnership with the Shalom Foundation and Friends of WildLife, are aiming to develop a framework to improve landscape management in this complicated and rich environment.


Read more about the Kachin project: 

Kachin Consortia: Dialogues in the Upper Ayeyarwady

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