Juliet Braslow/CIAT.

An ecosystems approach to the SDGs in Africa: why we need to listen to farmers

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This is an excerpt from a post that was originally published on the CIAT blog in response to the Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference which took place in Nairobi at the end of November. Read the full post.

To address all the SDG’s, we’re going to need to think like farmers. That means taking a systems approach that includes all kinds of agro-ecological farm systems. This mantra echoed through all the sessions at the Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference: Ecosystem Services for SDGs in Africa. Goals, 2, 5, 6, and 15 were in the spotlight, and to meet them, we have to think broadly and holistically.

That might not be what you expected to read, but CIAT research shows that farmers are the ultimate, great systems thinkers, and we need to tap into and build upon their vast network of knowledge to tackle the problems that face the ecosystems we are trying to protect and livelihoods we are aiming to support.

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