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Georgina Smith/CIAT

Trouble for tapioca: Cassava in Vietnam

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Vietnam is world renowned for its cuisine, and one of the staple crops in the country, as well as throughout Southeast Asia, is cassava, more popularly known as tapioca. Originally from South America, cassava tubers contain valuable starch and minerals, and is generally quite robust when it comes to withstanding the effects of climate change and other environmental impacts.

However, this important crop is facing some serious threats in Vietnam, which researchers at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) are investigating and figuring out how to combat. Join Georgina Smith as she samples local cuisine and discusses pests, depleted soils, and improved farming practices with some cassava experts.

Special thanks to 

Georgina Smith  of CIAT for producing this podcast and to Nguyen Ngoc Ha, Dr. Kris Wyckhuys and Dr. Vi Le Xuan for their contributions.