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Thrive Topics: Ecosystem services

Sustainability requires a holistic approach to agriculture, one that works in and with nature to achieve productivity and long-term benefits. Can agricultural intensification be carried out in a way that works within the complexity of ecosystems for the benefits people and the environment?

  • Can I feed my family and our cattle?

  • nigeria bees

    What makes people aware of ecosystem services?

  • Three farmers in Lushoto, Tanga region, Tanzania.

    Saving two birds with one stone

  • An oil palm plantation in Indonesia.

    There is no diversity in monocropping

  • A hydrology research team at their study site on a teak plantation in northern Laos.

    To tree or not to tree?

  • Spring onion cultivation on an urban farm in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Ecomodernism and the human-nature divide

  • Balancing landscape restoration and finance

    Sustainable landscape investments: What, how and who?