Prashanth Vishwanathan/IWMI.

Thrive Topics: Energy

Energy is used to grow crops and produce food, but it often competes for the same resources needed for agriculture, such as water. What are the trade-offs, and how can these sectors work in harmony?

  • nam gnouang dam

    Reconstructing wetlands in the Mekong

  • Deeper Wells, Higher Prices

  • Cactus Farming

    Cacti: the new energy crop?

  • Gaming to negotiate tricky resource management

  • Can a “bad” dam come good?

  • How can we harness the nexus to address water security?

  • Riding the wave of the future with solar-powered desalination

  • Taking the road less traveled: building upon lessons from CPWF

  • Mekong Matters: sharing hydropower benefits across the basin