Ian Taylor/WLE Greater Mekong.

Thrive Topics: Land

We need to maintain our soils and landscapes to ensure their health for productivity. Is it possible to produce food for a growing population without degrading the land?

  • All you need is love... and water

  • CIFOR's photo of agricultural deforestation in Brazil

    Can a deforestation driver become a forest protector?

  • Fruit grown in a community forestry project in Sintang, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

    Thinking local: conserving forests through use

  • A hydrology research team at their study site on a teak plantation in northern Laos.

    To tree or not to tree?

  • Spring onion cultivation on an urban farm in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Ecomodernism and the human-nature divide

  • Balancing landscape restoration and finance

    Sustainable landscape investments: What, how and who?