Ian Taylor/WLE Greater Mekong.

Thrive Topics: Land

Compelling discussion, commentary, stories on agriculture within thriving ecosystems.

We need to maintain our soils and landscapes to ensure their health for productivity. Is it possible to produce food for a growing population without degrading the land?

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    Sink it or lose it: the carbon trade-off

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    All you need is love... and water

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    CIFOR's photo of agricultural deforestation in Brazil

    Can a deforestation driver become a forest protector?

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    Fruit grown in a community forestry project in Sintang, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

    Thinking local: conserving forests through use

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    A hydrology research team at their study site on a teak plantation in northern Laos.

    To tree or not to tree?

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    A farmer showing potatoes he has grown in a village near Iringa, Tanzania.

    How to move beyond technology in sustainable intensification