Thrive Topics: Policy

Evidence-based recommendations for decision makers can help ensure that policy responds to the urgent needs of people. How can we make sure that research leads to better sustainability and equity in policy?

  • Farmer in China's Guizhou province spreading pesticide on her crops.

    China's new crop of cash

  • China's "adaptive approach to dialogue" in the Mekong Region

  • A detail from the Chinese section of WLE's Mekong dam map.

    From dams to basins: mapping across scales, part 2

  • A forested reservoir catchment in Thailand.

    Can't see the water for the trees?

  • Men and women near a dam in the Gezira Irrigation scheme, Sudan.

    When water flows, but cash does not

  • A hydrology research team at their study site on a teak plantation in northern Laos.

    To tree or not to tree?

  • Spring onion cultivation on an urban farm in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Ecomodernism and the human-nature divide

  • A woman watering crops in Ghana.

    Science on the pulse: What we know (and what we don't know) about women's participation in water user groups

  • A farmer collecting water to irrigate crops in Myanmar's Dry Zone.

    Does agriculture have a sustainable future?