Ian Taylor/WLE Greater Mekong.

Thrive Topics: Water

We all need clean water to live and work. What are the best ways to share this invaluable resource across users and sectors in an equitable way?

  • All you need is love... and water

  • Laos' Nam Xong river (also spelled Nam Song).

    A clearer vision of Laos' Nam Xong

  • hydropower resettlement lao teaser

    Digital floods: SERVIR's dam inundation mapping tool

  • A detail from the Chinese section of WLE's Mekong dam map.

    From dams to basins: mapping across scales, part 2

  • A 16-year-old Karen boy swims in the Salween River at the Myanmar-Thai border.

    The plan to dam Asia’s last free-flowing, international river

  • Laos detail from the Mekong basin map.

    From dams to basins: mapping across scales, part 1

  • Shire river, tributary to the Zambezi. Mozambique and Malawi signed an agreement in 2003 to improve responses to flooding on the Shire.

    Outside the box, inside the basin

  • A wetland on the floodplain of the Xe Bang Fai in Khammouane province, Laos.

    Getting the balance right

  • Balancing landscape restoration and finance

    It's not new: it's poo!

  • A groundwater irrigation pump in Morocco.

    Getting a GRIPP on Morocco's aquifer contracts

  • Phosphorus: bloom or bust?