Water Information System for Sri Lanka

The online Water Information System for Sri Lanka provides maps and data on water availability, quality and use.

An important tool on the site is an environmental flow calculator, which assesses how much river water flow is needed to maintain and bolster the health of aquatic ecosystems. 

Screenshot from the SLEFlow calculator.

The website also includes information on dozens of water basins, stream runoff data and maps showing agricultural areas with high vulnerability to droughts, floods, sea level rise and landslides. An archive of more than 700 water-related scientific papers is available for download.

The web portal is aimed at government, researchers and development agencies to improve evidence-based water resource management on the island. It can contribute to better understanding of the status and trends of the country’s water resources; data, information and maps related to water resources; and water resources assessments at different scales.

The portal was developed by scientists from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).