WLE evaluation finalized

The evaluation of WLE, conducted by the Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA) of the CGIAR, has been completed and is now available online.

The Evaluation, which began in early 2015, was completed in March of 2016. As outlined in the final report, the primary purpose of conducting the evaluation was to enhance WLE's likelihood of achieving its goals by making recommendations based on an extensive look at the program.

Overall, the evaluation was favorable. 12 recommendations were issued, the last of which advises "that the CGIAR retains a program with WLE's focus on the interactions between ecosystems and agricultural production," and that "WLE serve as an integrative CRP at levels of organization beyond the plot or field" to take "explicit account of externalities and trade-offs that can become apparent at these scales."

For more information on the IEA evaluation of WLE, please visit their CRP evaluation of WLE page. Download the final report.